Re: missing function in Amaya 9.99.3

> On Friday 16 November 2007 23:39, wrote:
> > the edit menu does not have the select all operation (ctrl-a)

On Nov 20, 2007 7:34 AM, Irene Vatton <> wrote:
> We'd like to add that command, but the problem is to define what is the effect
> of that command on a structured document.

Today, I write:
For the users it is annoying not having the "Select all" menu option.
Yes, one can click the "body" tag, but the usual is to have the
Control-A idiom.
My  suggestion is that, while you discuss what's the meaning of
"Select All" you set a "Select All <body>   ^A" menu item .
This will comply with the rule that the user has to be informed of the
effects of any published operation in the UI and nobody will be
confused. Those willing to select the HTML and HEAD elements will
still have to resort to the source or structure views, which is right.

BTW, the tags string in the status bar, albeit being activated to
select the clicked element, it does hot have a tooltip announcing its
functionality. It might happen that many user were unaware of this.

The "affordability" of this control has to be enhanced. The problem is
that it does not appear as "clickable" no matter its color change on

One (easy) way would be to use the ">" character instead of the "/".
The ">" is recognized in the so-called "breadcrumbs" so common in
those pages where the users wade deeply into a page hierarchy. Usually
these trails are clickable, and many users know it. A tooltip would
make it: "click an element to select it."

Another, complementary, way could be adding a "Select: " label before
the whole string.

Another affordability, like in many Firefox dev tools, would be
flashing an outline of the "to be selected" element. This does not
have to be a W3C compliant border, that might require additional space
and shift the content. Just turm yellow the outmost pixel rows and
column, or something like that.
The idea is that upon hover on an element tag, its box depicted its
border somehow.

These usability enhancements help user a lot by making their lives a
bit nicer, and ane a proof of the commitment of the developers with
tham, as we are used to see n Amaya  :-)

Juan Lanus

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