Re: Amaya 99 crash on background image

Quoting Steven Pemberton <>:

> (This isn't a new bug I realise, I just have failed to report it in 
> the  past: sorry!)
> URL:
> I have isolated the problem to a single CSS rule:
>    body>:first-child { height: 800px; background-image: url(amsterdam.jpg)  }
> If I comment out the background-image part, it seems to load correctly.

Amaya 9.54 on MacOS 10.5.1

background image loads OK, but there is a problem with the Moore's Law 
table further down the page

Parsing Errors:
*** Errors/warnings in  line 24: 
CSS property ignored: "background-coloro: red"

*** Errors/warnings in
  line 228, char 6: not well-formed (invalid token)

Peter Kerr

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