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> I did a quick test at 12pt and measured length for
> lazy dog line .....  ff/opera/msie  were all same at 123mm
> amaya came in at 108mm  ie about 88% of the length of
> the others ---> once again the purist approach may not
> be the best approach when developing a tool if it intended
> for 'real world' designers who are producing product for all
> users...  a conform to concensus viewpoint may bring the
> tool into mainstream use....
> can anyone justify the shortness --- are they all out of step
> except our Jacque????

I'm not happy with expression of line length in mm (or inches ;-)
There are too many variables with dot pitch in displays.

I repeated the lazy dog line, outside of a <p> tag
so it would render in the browser's default font size.

Amaya 9.99 rendered both lines at 67mm on my lcd monitor
with 0.265mm/pixel. The text was identical size to
the screenshot posted by Leon.

Safari 3.04 set with a default browser font of Times 12pt,
rendered the 12 pt styled <p> at 88mm. and
the unstyled body text line at 67 mm, the same as Amaya.
Examining the pixel structure confirms a 33% difference.

Rendering multiple lines of Lorem ipsum to fill an A4 "page"
842 pixels high, with "default" 12 pt. Times,
both Amaya and Safari get 61 lines of 12/14, which is right.
Firefox draws 70 lines of 10/12, which is too small.
MacOS 10.5.1

Peter Kerr

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