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On 7/12/2007, at 6:31 AM, Leon Stringer wrote:
> I'm not sure how to describe this so I've attached a screen shot of  
> the same file in Firefox and Amaya with the default zoom/font-size  
> in both.

from that screen shot I find that Amaya is rendering the
default (12pt) with [x-height + ascender + descender] = 12 pixels
with a spacing between lines ascender <-> descender = 9 pixel

FF is rendering its letters at 15 pixels + spacing 20 pixels.

Other differences:
Amaya has serif font with x-height 50% of total letter height
Amaya characters are rendered in grayscale

FF has a sans-serif font with x-height 60% which will look bigger
even without the larger rendering.
FF characters are rendered in color.

It seems to me that Amaya is rendering the 12pt with about
the correct number of pixels. Is FF using a default font
which is deliberately chosen having larger glyphs to
overcome those sites which rely on some broken feature of IE?

The Mac browser Safari has problems with many sites that
render far too small. My guess is they were tested only on IE.
FWIW the default font for Safari was Lucida Grande which has
the largest glyphs of all Apple installed plaintext roman fonts.
Safari 3.04 now uses Times 14pt as default

Next step: try setting the default font for FF to be the same
as for Amaya (Times? 12pt?) and repeat the experiment....

Peter Kerr

Received on Thursday, 6 December 2007 22:20:14 UTC