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'Show map areas' does not persist across page reload or link

'Unknown entity' messages within href= URLs containing query data

8.8.4 Bug: & shy converts to & hyphen with us-ascii

8.8.4 Bug: <A> within <DEL> does not strike-through link text

8.8.4 Bug: Soft Hyphen (& shy) shortcut key not working

8.8.4. Bugs: In-line elements on/off malfunctioning

:hover dynamic pseudo-class not rendered

[Announce] Amaya 9.4

[Fwd: Re: http-urls style, trailing slash and webdav]

[Moderator Action (size limit exceeded)] Version 9.3 bug

[www-amaya] <none>

address bar updating on hyperlink

Amaya 8.3.3 and CSS1 parsing issues

Amaya 9.3 (failed save annotation)

Amaya 9.3 - Softpedia 100% CLEAN Award

Amaya 9.3 bug: usemap attribute is lost when cutting and pasting

Amaya 9.3 Dec 9 2005

Amaya 9.3 possible RFE: missing MIME type in create object dialog

Amaya 9.3 RFE: image maps in IE

Amaya 9.3 WinXP bug: BMP image

Amaya 9.3 WinXP bug: form fieldsets

Amaya 9.3 WinXP bug: Image maps area creation

Amaya 9.3 WinXP bug: Image maps area creation (2)

Amaya 9.3 WinXP bug: Modifying polygon image map area

Amaya 9.3 WinXP bug: name attribute in submit input

Amaya 9.3 WinXP bug: textarea rows or cols attribute

Amaya 9.3 WinXP message error

Amaya 9.3 WinXP RFE: bug report system

Amaya 9.3 WinXP RFE: rowspan and colspan attruibutes default value

Amaya 9.3 won't work

amaya 9.4 on xp transforms my code ... but i don't want it !!!

Amaya 9.4 re-published

Amaya 9.4 won't start on WinXP SP-2

Amaya 9.4: create new - crash

Amaya datestamp format

Amaya on Mac

amaya preformatted html no refresh when pressing enter bug

Amaya wishlist: coloration in CSS view

As seen on Oprah!!!

Awkward access to Amaya User Manual

Binary won't start gives gdk )not gtk) error

Border styling


Bug on Windows with settings directory

Bug: Displayed Source window origin position is thot.rc X+10, Y+10

Bugs in the OSX version: Preferences, cut and paste, ...

Build Errors with compilation on FC4 64bit

build failure on gentoo with latest source

Build failures on 64bits machines


can Amaya be run from a read only network share?

can't use http protocol

Cannot open same URL in two formatted windows

Cannot preserve Help window geometry

Comment inserts white space

Copy/Paste html source code in Amaya 9.4 & Windows XP Pro SP2

crash openning new doc

Crash when %AMAYA_USER_HOME% directory does not exist

css floats and amaya 8.8.4

CSS support for position: fixed in 8.8.4?


Debian patches review

Dictionary chosen with the expected language.

document charset and Cache-Control: no-cache

documentation pages at w3.org/amaya

error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of ...

expression of appreciation

Feedback Amaya 9.4 on Mac.

file:// scheme processing makes invalid assumption

First line of <ul> does not honor CSS line-height

fonts out of focus windows xp

Gdk-ERROR **: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)

html element display in amaya 8.8

http download for 8.8.4 Windows 98 not found

Hungarian translation of Amaya Help

iframe content overflow

iframe/object display

Installation 8.8.3

Japanese encodings on Amaya 9.xx

Large table causes system meltdown

Large table causes system meltdown - GDI resource runs out

Large table causes system meltdown - Too many images

latest still has table styling problems


MathML as object

Missing 'configure' in old .tgz sources

More OSX directory for preference files

More tooltip changes - separate structure from style


New files created in program directory by default

no cut and past in and out of Amaya

Open with: strange issue

patch to make compiling work with gcc

Please tell me why my nonce is incorrect

Positioned elements change size

print preview

Problem with large number of tags, well I guess

problem with undo

program crash in fedora core 4

R: wishlist sftp

reading http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

Separation of semantics and styling

Shortcut to web page address field?

Small build system issues

spell checking and search woes

Spelling error

Status/future of 'old' UI?


Sug: Add title prefix to all views except formatted

Sug: Visible cursor change when hovered over links

Table attribute problems

table rendering in Amaya 8.3.3

table styling

Target display lost if 'under' image

Transforming <p> to <hx>: the content of the <p> is erased

User behavior + Synchronize = lost data

Various build fixes

Version 9.3 Macintosh binary won't start with preferences on network share


what's wrong with my code?

Which one is for you?

wish list: menu functions

Wish: 'Show applied style' tells only half the story

Wish: support alternate stylesheets

wishlist sftp

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