file:// scheme processing makes invalid assumption

Amaya 8.8.4, Windows 98 SE


Open Amaya.  On the 'Open' line, type file://A:/quicktest.html. Press Enter.

 The Open line is changed to "c:\A:\quicktest.html".  This is incorrect for
2 reasons:
  1. Amaya has ADDED a disk ID to the front of the URL, for no reason.
  2. Amaya has assumed that the disk ID should be "c:", which is wrong,
since the user specified A:.

 Because the URL is invalid, Amaya starts an empty page.  (Why does it not
return a 404 error?)

I believe a correct implementation would internally strip the 'file://' from
the line (leaving it unchanged on the 'Open' line), and pass the remainder
to the OS.  In the event the OS cannot find the file, an internal 404-error
page would be displayed.

Chris Beall

Received on Tuesday, 21 February 2006 16:32:37 UTC