Re: amaya preformatted html no refresh when pressing enter bug

On Tuesday 10 January 2006 17:51, Jeff Hill wrote:
> Hello,
> Thanks for amaya.
> I notice that when one is entering preformatted text with Amaya 9.3 a weird
> behavior results when pressing the enter key.
> Here is how to reproduce the behavior.
> O select some text and convert it to <pre> <\pre>
> O position the cursor at the end of that line
> O press enter (a new line is created, but isn't displayed)
> O move the mouse pointer to just below this line and click the left button
> (a new line appears in the view of the document)
> I think that maybe this is a new behavior with Amaya 9.3. This behavior
> causes the naive user to create the new line twice, and then he always ends
> up deleting the 2nd redundant line.
> I *am* aware of this paragraph in the amaya documentation.
> > When the cursor is at the end of a preformatted element, hitting
> > the Enter key creates a new line in the pre. To create another
> > element, say a paragraph, after the pre, you have to select the
> > whole pre element with the F2 key and to press Enter.
> I am not subscribed to amaya mailing lists.
> Jeff

This bug will be fixed by the 9.3.1 version.
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