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Within the <style> element, the class names must start with a period, e.g.


You COULD use the long syntax:



but I don't know why you would want to do that.

Chris Beall

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just made the test now, with 9.4 amaya on wxp sp2. Seems to stay left !!
Firefox and IE 6.0.2900 show the same !!

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Christophe Charron, Jarnioux, France,Europe

2006/2/18, jc <>:

I see a new 9.4 browser came out. I haven't tested the following with
the 9.4 Amaya browser, just with Amaya 9.3 (run on Windows XP).
I didn't see the it in the list of bugs. Perhaps it falls under the CSS
bugginess listed. :-) Anyways, specifically this bug (I think it's a bug)
involves getting Amaya to center block elements inside block elements
by setting the margins of the internal block element to "auto". Amaya
9.3 fails to do so.

<style type="text/css">
block_item_1 {width:500px;text-align:center;}
block_item_2 {width:100px;margin:auto;}
<div class="block_item_1"><div class="block_item_2">This is a centering

Let me know if that helps, if it's proper, and if you want any more bug
reports. Your call.

Jim Carlock

Christophe Charron

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