Bug: Displayed Source window origin position is thot.rc X+10, Y+10

Amaya 8.8.4, Windows 98 SE

When the Source window is displayed, its location on the screen is 10 pixels
to the right and 10 pixels down from the positions specified in thot.rc.
This erroneous position is stored back into thot.rc if the window geometry
is saved.


Open thot.rc with a text editor.
Locate the value 'Source_view='.
Change the first 2 values to 0 (thus specifying that the window should
originate in the UL corner of the display)
Save the changes; exit the editor.

Start Amaya.  Open a page.  Display the Source view.
Note that the window is 10 pixels right and 10 pixels down from the expected
      UNcheck 'Save geometry on exit' (to avoid confusion later)

In the Source window:
      Window Geometry...
        Save current geometry

Close Amaya.

Open thot.rc with a text editor.
Locate the value 'Source_view='.  Note that the first two values are now 10
and 10.  The actual geometry origin of the window has been accurately saved.
Close the editor.

Open Amaya and again display the Source window.  Note that with thot.rc now
specifying an origin of 10, 10, the actual displayed origin is now 20,20.

No other window exhibits this behavior.

Chris Beall

Received on Saturday, 11 February 2006 01:17:08 UTC