document charset and Cache-Control: no-cache


when loading some html files, just converted to utf-8, into Amaya I
realized that non-ascii characters were displayed broken (i.e. as if
watched in iso-8859-1 mode), and the Document Information window said
"Charset: Unknown".

The pages were sent to Amaya by a CGI program with a Content-Type of
"text/html; charset=utf-8", so I wondered what could be wrong.

It seems to be caused by the existence of another header
"Cache-Control: no-cache", that is sent by the CGI program too. If
that header is present, the charset information seems to be ignored,
even if Amaya's cache is disabled. If, however, I leave this header
out, Amaya recognizes the character coding as utf-8, and the display
is fine.

I suppose the charset info shouldn't be discarded in that case.
Perhaps it is not available anymore after the `no-cache' information
has been processed? Both Amaya 8.5 and 9.4 show this behaviour.



Received on Wednesday, 15 February 2006 13:45:17 UTC