Amaya 9.3 WinXP bug: form fieldsets


I would say that Amaya does not handle the fieldset element as it should.
* If I create an empty fieldset (with a legend), save the document and 
reload, I can not write inside the fieldset.
* I have tried to create a fieldset with two paragraphs in it, but I 
have failed to do it. ¿Is it possible to do it in the normal view?
* Amaya lets me add a paragraph inside a fieldset in the source view, 
but I can not create a second paragraph in the normal view.
* I have tried to create a fielset around some elements that already 
exist, selecting the elements and creating the fieldset, but the 
fieldset is not created. Amaya lets me create divisions this way, but 
not fieldsets.

Best regards,
Bartolomé Sintes (

Received on Tuesday, 10 January 2006 13:15:04 UTC