Table attribute problems

I am running Amaya 9.4 on Windows XP. I am having severe problems with 
the cellspacing, cellpading and align attributes for tables. This may 
affect other attributes as well, I have not tried them all. I launch 
Amaya, create a new document, selecting "XHTML Transitional" as the 
document profile. I insert a table, then attempt to edit the 
cellspacing, cellpadding and align attributes of the table. I check the 
attribute (in the Attributes Tool), enter a value, and click the apply 
button, and NOTHING HAPPENS. The attribute is not added (I am looking at 
the structure view). I cannot add a cellspacing, cellpadding or align 
attribute. The attribute remains checked in the Attribute Tool, but the 
table does not change and the attribute does not show up in the 
structure view.

Then I add a bgcolor attribute to the table. It adds just fine. After 
adding the bgcolor attribute, I can then add a cellspacing, cellpadding 
and align attribute. Then I can delete the bgcolor attribute, and 
everything seems to work fine. I can then add, delete and edit the 
cellspacing, callpadding and align attributes with no more problem (even 
for another table). It is really irritating when I cannot just add the 
allign, cellpadding or cellspacing attribute in the first place.

Keith Rubow

Received on Tuesday, 21 March 2006 22:23:44 UTC