Feedback Amaya 9.4 on Mac.


Here are some feedbacks on specific improvements of Amaya 9.4 Mac  

. Amaya name is now capitalized in the menu bar
=> fine
. Cmd + Left click is now interpreted as Right click
=> ok
SVG animation now works
=> I haven't any svg
. When the user switches from a tab to another tab, the document URL  
was not displayed in the url bar.
=> ok
Amaya crashed when it opens a remote an invalid URL in a new tab
=> ok
. The spell checked didn't work correctly
=> ok
. New shortcuts:
'Cmd+W' closes Tab
'Cmd+Shift+W' closes Window
'Cmd+:' launches Check Spelling
=> ok
. Charset change issue
=> now works fine

Thanks for all that have been done. May I suggest some more?

- In search box the searched text should be highlighted -> it makes  
easier entering a new searched text
- On Mac, <cmd>G is used to go on searching forward, <shift><cmd>G is  
used to go on searching backward, <cmd>E is used to enter the  
selected text as the searched text.
- The standard shortcuts for moving the cursor are quite different:
Start of page is <cmd><up>, end of page is <cmd><down>, <home> and  
<end> are doing the same without moving the cursor.
Start of line is <cmd><left> and end of line is <cmd><right>.

Regards, Pascal.

Received on Sunday, 19 February 2006 21:28:10 UTC