Re: file:// scheme processing makes invalid assumption

Chris Beall wrote:

>Amaya 8.8.4, Windows 98 SE
>Open Amaya.  On the 'Open' line, type file://A:/quicktest.html. Press Enter.
> The Open line is changed to "c:\A:\quicktest.html".  This is incorrect for
>2 reasons:
>  1. Amaya has ADDED a disk ID to the front of the URL, for no reason.
>  2. Amaya has assumed that the disk ID should be "c:", which is wrong,
>since the user specified A:.
> Because the URL is invalid, Amaya starts an empty page.  (Why does it not
>return a 404 error?)

So far your ideas match with mine.

>I believe a correct implementation would internally strip the 'file://' from
>the line (leaving it unchanged on the 'Open' line), and pass the remainder
>to the OS.  In the event the OS cannot find the file, an internal 404-error
>page would be displayed.

This part, I disagree: In general an url or uri is describes as 
something like:

For example:
ftp://username@ftpserver/path/to/file (or even 
ftp://username:password@ftp.server/path/to/file ...)

And for file: I have seen several implementations, where I prefer the 
netscape/mozilla/firefox one (the oldes I know of): 
"file:///A:/quicktest.html" since it is the most close to the standard I 
know of.

btw: at my site, amaya changes the url to "h:\A:\quicktest.html" where 
H: is my homedrive. Hence, Amaya does it even worse: with file: it 
expects file: to be on the home location. Following the guidelines I 
present above (not mine, I also got them from experience and other 
sources), file://localhost/A:/quicktest.html is changed to 
h:\localhost\A:\quicktest.html. Here it is even worse: the hostname 
becomes part of the file specification...

For Amaya, as an example implementation from a standards organisation: 
If there is an url or uri standard, please follow it: If the file is 
specified by an url or uri, keep it in place and use it as standardized. 
If the file is specified as a local file specification, use that and 
keep that.

To complete: the url/uri representation of the windows share 
"\\machinename\sharename\path\to\file.htm" is 
"smb://machinename/sharename/path/to/file.htm". Here it would be nice if 
the username can also be specified: 
"smb://username@machinename/sharename/path/to/file.htm" or even  

For the amaya team: I can imagine the file-handling routines are 
obtained from a library or otherwise code from an 3rd party. If so, 
pleas propagate the above to their development teams, pointing to 
standards where apropriate.



Received on Wednesday, 22 February 2006 12:06:38 UTC