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On Sunday 29 January 2006 00:13, Tim Berners-Lee wrote:
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> REMOVE ANY ~amaya/amaya.keyboard files as even though they are not
> amaya.kb-mac files, they seem to affect Amaya, and override the
> default files in eth application such as
> /Applications/ ~/.amaya

The defaut configuration file 
is /Applications/
I installed the last 9.3 version and this file is there, but I never installed 
the Drawin version on my box.
I ignore why, but perhaps there are conflics between these two versions.

> This is why I was missing a lot of shortcuts.
> Where ARE the preference files for OSX?

If you want to define your personal shortcuts, you must create a file:

> What is the algorithm for keyboard files?
> Are they merged, so can one just override with a few lines in a
> personal file?

No, the personal shortcuts replaces the default shorcuts, so you can remove a 

> What is looked for in the home directory?


> Can I keep separate files for different operating systems?

amaya.keyboard for Linux
amaya.kb for Windows
amaya.kb-mac for Mac OSX

> My amaya.keyboard has
> Shift Alt <Key>L:                  LinkToPreviousTarget()
> Shift Ctrl <Key>L:                 CreateOrChangeLink()
> Shift Ctrl <Key>D:                 DeleteAnchor()
> Shift Ctrl <Key>T:                 CreateTarget()
> but these are not available, Shift Ctrl L opens a split screen
> display of the links in the document. 

If you define twice a shortcut, the last definition is used.

> Ahh... in 
> /Applications/
> there is a file amaya.kb-mac
> This says
> "# - Each specific shortcut contains only one key in
> # combination with one or several Modifier key(s)."
> # Unlike Windows and Linux versions, shortcuts
> # for Mac OSX are not managed by the application
> # but by the toolkit (wxWidgets in this case)
> # So, the syntax to define user's specific shortcuts
> # has to follow some rules :
> # - The Modifier key 'Command' (with the Apple
> # logo) is named 'Ctrl'.
> # - The Modifier key 'Option' is named 'Alt'.
> # - Each specific shortcut contains only one key in
> # combination with one or several Modifier key(s).
> However, for example link is Ctrl/l Ctrl/l

We spent long time to find a compromise between a large set of editing 
shortcuts if possible easy to memorize and the respect of standard shortcuts.
The result is two set of shortcuts:
- quick shortcuts managed by WX (like Command x, Command v, etc.)
- sequences managed by Amaya. By example each HTML element can be created with 
Ctrl h - ... (a for address, p for preformatted, h for horizontal rule, etc.)

> The line:
> 	Ctrl <Key>w:                       AmayaCloseWindow()
> seems to map Command/w onto close window OK.
> Maybe two-key sequences use Control key and 1 char use Command key??
> What is the story here?
> It also says:
> # Some shortcuts are also used by the operating systems
> # Refer to 'Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference'
> #
> OSXHIGuidelines
> # before to define your own shortcuts.
> True. Good link.
> Tim

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