RE: Large table causes system meltdown - Too many images

> >I would expect to see different symptoms, but an equally
> dramatic failure,
> >on any OS.  Can someone on another platform replicate the
> problem, using the
> >test case shown above?  To avoid the http-error scenario, you
> can copy the
> >test page and the image it uses ('back.gif') to a local drive.  Just open
> >the page in Amaya and then Reload the page 20 or so times.
> Amaya 8.8.4 Windows XP Pro SP2
> Loads                 1         10         20        >50
> Memory usage   26044 kB   26188 kB   26208 kB   26280 kB
> VM size        29372 kB   29460 kB   29460 kB   29460 kB
> No deterioration in any aspect noticed.
> I have Amaya on a Windows 98SE system, but is currently not online.
> Earier versions of Amaya on that system never showed the symptons
> reported.
> Lars Bruzelius


The Windows graphics routines were reconfigured for Windows XP (16 bit code
was removed).  This may be why the failure does not occur there.

Based on my current understanding of the problem, it relates to how Amaya
makes calls to the OS graphic subsystem.  This is an area that probably
differs considerably from one platform to another, so I now suspect the
problem is unique to Windows 98.

Chris Beall

Received on Tuesday, 28 February 2006 19:56:22 UTC