Re: can Amaya be run from a read only network share?

On Thursday 16 March 2006 17:11, Hampshire, Jess wrote:
> Hi
> I work in a school, we would like to use Amaya to teach
> the students (X)HTML.
> We would like to use it from a read only share, accessed
> mainly by our terminal servers.
> Is this possible?
> We have tried an install in such a location and it doesn't
> always work correctly. Sometimes it is not possible to place
> the cursor and enter text.
> Thanks in advance.

Amaya needs to create a temporary directory (.amaya) to store user 
preferences, cached files, etc.
By default this directory is created in the user home ($HOME/.amaya).
It could be another directory ($AMAYA_USER_HOME/.amaya) if you define the 
AMAYA_USER_HOME environment variable.
Pay attention this $AMAYA_USER_HOME directory must already created before 
launching amaya.

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