Bugs in the OSX version: Preferences, cut and paste, ...

- Preferences:

In preferences, it is old style to have "apply" buttons.  It is  
simpler to just change things immediately the UI has changed, and if  
necessary revert them later.  To be able to change them and close the  
window without actually having hi "apply" or "done" is too easy.
It is simpler for the user if the state of the switch or button or  
field at any one time actually represents the state of the preference.

- Cut and Paste.

Write "the quick brown". Select "quick".   Cut. Paste.   Text should  
be the same, but reads "thequick brown",

- No "Open recent..."

- open -a /Applications/Amaya.app <filename>  does not work. Does  
amaya not take command line
args or are the args in OSX different? I suspect the latter.
- Amaya should be able to launch from a file icon or URL icon dropped  
onto the Amaya icon.

- In OSX  ~/.amaya is OK as a directory for preferences, but it would  
be BETTER to have them in
~/Library/Application\ Support/Amaya
and the caches under
so that they are and are not backed up, respectively.

- It really is not obvious in WXWidget split windows that you have to  
double-click on the red border to close.  An "x" somewhere would much  
more normal.

- Some Apps usefully use Comand/W to close a TAB not a window, when  
there are  >1 tabs, and then close the window. That works for me.

Received on Sunday, 29 January 2006 00:21:54 UTC