Re: Missing 'configure' in old .tgz sources

On 20-Jan-06 Stéphane Gully wrote:
>> For each one, after I had untarred it there was no 'configure'
>> in the tree.
>> What can I do about this?
> Is there "" file ?
> Maybe try to type "autoconf", it will generate a "configure" file
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> Stéphane GULLY (

Thanks for the suggestion, but no! A search for anything with
"config" in it gives the following:

find . -name '*config*' -print

so there is neither 'configure' nor ''.

Also, the README.amaya says, anyway, that there will be a 'configure
application' under 'Amaya', with no statement that you should run
'autoconf' first (but in any case there is no '').
It seems 'cinfigure' was supposed to be there, but is not in fact
present in these old source tar archives.

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