Re: Bugs in the OSX version: Preferences, cut and paste, ...

At 2006-01-29 00:13, Tim Berners-Lee <> wrote:

>- Preferences:
>In preferences, it is old style to have "apply" buttons.  It is
>simpler to just change things immediately the UI has changed, and if
>necessary revert them later.  To be able to change them and close the
>window without actually having hi "apply" or "done" is too easy.
>It is simpler for the user if the state of the switch or button or
>field at any one time actually represents the state of the preference.
>- Cut and Paste.
>Write "the quick brown". Select "quick".   Cut. Paste.   Text should
>be the same, but reads "thequick brown",

Only if your work in the source view. White space collapse in the 
formatted view, in the formatted view you are pasting "quick" 
immediately after "the".

>- No "Open recent..."

In the Windows environment, the most recent documents are available 
in the address field drop down list.

>- open -a /Applications/ <filename>  does not work. Does
>amaya not take command line
>args or are the args in OSX different? I suspect the latter.

Issuing "amaya <filename>" from the command line works in Windows.

>- Amaya should be able to launch from a file icon or URL icon dropped
>onto the Amaya icon.

Dropping a file icon onto Amaya works in Windows. It is not clear to 
me what Tim Berners-Lee exactly means with a URL icon in an Windows 
environment, but
neither dragging an "Internet shortcut" nor a link from a web page 
unto an Amaya icon or into an open Amaya window work.

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