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Cannot open same URL in two formatted windows

From: Chris Beall <Chris_Beall@prodigy.net>
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 11:29:41 -0500
To: "Amaya users" <www-amaya@w3.org>
Message-ID: <NEBBJCHGALDLNHBAOEBLEEMHDBAA.Chris_Beall@prodigy.net>

Amaya 8.8.4, Windows 98 SE

Scenario 1:

Open a URL, local or remote.

  Open in new window
    Leave the URL unchanged (i.e. still the URL of the original window)
Result: New window is not created.  Focus returns to original window.

Scenario 2:

Open a URL, local or remote.

  Open in new window.  Copy the URL into the clipboard.
    Change the URL to something invalid, e.g. remove the .html from the end
Result: A new window is created.  If the URL is local (e.g. C:\...) an empty
document is created and opened; if the URL is remote, a 404 page is

Paste the URL from the clipboard into the 'Open' field in the new window.
Press Enter.

The window is refreshed, but its contents remain unchanged.  The URL that
you pasted in remains unchanged, thus the displayed page does not match the
displayed URL.
Click on the Reload icon.  Nothing changes, i.e. the displayed page is not
the one in the URL in the Open field.

No matter what I did, I was unable to open the same URL in two windows.

[You may wonder why on earth I would WANT to do this.  I was probing the
"too many images" problem to see if the failure boundary was related to an
instance of Amaya or to an instance of a Formatted window.]

Chris Beall
Received on Tuesday, 21 February 2006 16:32:28 UTC

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