Small build system issues


Trying do to some work on the Debian package of Amaya, I found a couple
of issues.

First, about redland.
-If you build on a system on which the libraptor is installed, librdf
will try ato automatically link against it, which conflicts with
"AMAYA_RAPTOR_LIBS="../redland/librdf/.libs/librdf.a ../redland/raptor/.libs/libraptor.a"
(line 1238 of Amaya/ The attached raptor.diff forces the
librdf to use the builtin libraptor.
-When using the system-provided librdf, the build fails because of
undefined types. Apparently, when using the redland library, you're
always and only supposed to include <redland.h>. The attached
redland.diff does that. It also need the third attached patch applied
(no_librdf_internal.diff), which stops defining LIBRDF_INTERNAL when
building Amaya. I believe passing this argument becomes useless with the
other patch (and it also generated errors using the system libdrf
because it tries to include a non-distributed file).

I also noticed that some internal tools leave generated files outside of
the build directory. There are 2 different problems, one of them is in
Amaya/batch/app.c, which writes .h and .LST files in the same directory
as the source file.

Thanks for your work. Please don't hesitate to contact me for further
details or informations.


Received on Monday, 6 March 2006 08:32:13 UTC