Bug on Windows with settings directory

Hello, all.

It looks like there's a bug in Amaya if a user's settings directory is
set to something other than the default (i.e., "C:\Documents and
Settings\[user name]").  When installing on a computer where that's the
case, the program installs fine but blows up later when you attempt to
run it (could not create "C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]"; file
not found).  There's another error that occurs but it seems to be
faulty, then I get the Windows error ("amaya.exe has caused a problem
and must be closed, please tell Microsoft about this problem").  I can't
figure out a way to extract the "technical information" from that crash
report easily, but can try harder if someone tells me it's useful (and
especially if someone tells me how to get at the information).

Here's the full output from the console:

14:06:34: Error: Directory 'C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\amaya' 
couldn't be created (error 3: the system cannot find the path specified.)
14:06:34: Error: Directory 'c:  emp' couldn't be created (error 123: the 
filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.)
Couldn't create directory c:    emp

-- David.

Received on Thursday, 19 January 2006 08:12:16 UTC