expression of appreciation

Amaya development team:

I am rapidly finding Amaya to be simply indispensable, and I want to  
express my gratitude. For my purposes, "it just works", and that's a high  

The details:

I work on a WinXP, using an HP workstation xw4200 - fine machine.

My two websites are XHTML Strict, with a rigorously simple design, set up  
for rapid web page creation and easy maintenance. 'Simple' "just works",  
and I much prefer it. The complexity's in the content, not the web site  
plumbing, as much as I can make it so.

I use Amaya a great deal for writing my document directly into a plain  
XHTML template. When ready, I move the <body> contents to a web page  
template, and link it into the site. With Amaya, it's totally ready to go  
into the page, and onto the site as soon as the content is passable. I can  
easily continue my WYSIWYG editing and composing on the page itself.

It's fast, simple, direct, obvious, and it just works. I couldn't be  
happier. This is how to get work done.

For all your work, from design to coding, I thank you.

-- t.

PS - web site to which I refer - have been updating today - is

Tom Cloyd, MS MA, LMHC
Private practice Psychotherapist
Bellingham, Washington, U.S.A: (360) 920-1226
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Received on Thursday, 19 January 2006 23:44:24 UTC