Version 9.3 Macintosh binary won't start with preferences on network share

Amaya 9.3 Mac OS X binary distro:

Amaya won't start in an MCX environment.

Mac OS X workstations that are managed by MCX (Managed Client X aka 
Workgroup Manager) have their preferences stored on a network shared 
volume. Amaya attempts to start but is unable to write preferences to 
the preferences folder it creates, so it just quits. The prefs folder 
that Amaya creates is at the top level of the user's folder and is 
labelled .amaya so it is hidden from the user. Once the invisible .amaya 
folder is created, Amaya cannot write/read into/from that folder.

Amaya should write it's preferences to a MCX compliant XML-based 
property list file (labelled something like org.w3.amaya.plist) and it 
should place that file in the /username/Library/Preferences folder. Any 
additional files/folders that Amaya needs should be placed in the 
/username/Library/Application Support/Amaya folder. Any preference files 
or folders that Amaya creates should not be invisible.

This is such a nice piece of work, kudos to all who contribute. However, 
until this is fixed, this is a non-starter in the MCX environment.

Brian F. Opitz
Network Systems Admin
O'Farrell Community School
San Diego, Ca.

Received on Tuesday, 7 February 2006 23:24:22 UTC