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>  illustrates a popular page
> that has many box and table issues in amaya 8.8.3
> it also rings up a parsing error in css that is due to a use of css3
> notation.  Even if css3 is not to be implemented for a while, the
> parser should recognize that the syntax exists .... i do not know  
> if this
> is what is causing some of the display problems  but there is serious
> hinderence in readability.... arent displays supposed to downgrade
> gracefully.....

What does it mean (if anything) when we check that url against the
W3C CSS validator?

media="screen,projection" could cause problems.
Does it need a space, or an 'and'?

Also that wiki Main_Page has four tests for four versions of IE,
and serves a different styleheet for each. Looks like walking on  
broken glass to me...

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