[Fwd: Re: http-urls style, trailing slash and webdav]

The amaya relevant part from my post on uri@w3.org.

>  The other issue is users wanting to save resource to disk, testing
>  with an image at <http://localhost:8585/slashatend/> :

>  - amaya: "save as" proposes to save the image/gif to
>  http://localhost:8585/slashatend/Overview.html, after pressing ok it
>  asks to authenticate, on
>  http://localhost:8585/slashatend/Overview.html there is now an html
>  document with an image tag, and the document-url as its source
>  attribute. Browsing the filesystem and specifying a file name leads
>  to the status message "Document saved: /home/reto/temp/foo.gif", but
>  I can't find the file.

And forgot to mention that the image isn't displayed, when accessed at 
<http://localhost:8585/slashatend/> but the image is shown when accessed 
at <http://localhost:8585/slashatend/.gif>  (the server response is 

I'm using amaya 8.5 on kubuntu.


Received on Friday, 27 January 2006 15:23:05 UTC