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© error.......

[BUG] <style>@import url( relative url )</style> fails with http: // base URL

[BUG] Amaya 8.0 Windows lock-up

A little scrolling bug

a strange way of handling input boxes .....

About junk in Amaya 8.0(7.0 and other)

accessing site hangs computer

Amaya 7.1 on WinXP will no longer start

Amaya 8 details

Amaya 8 details oooops!

amaya 8 on windows generates bogus request header

Amaya 8 source fails to build Alpha 0SF1 V4.0

Amaya 8.0

amaya 8.0 box positioning

amaya 8.0 crash in XP

Amaya 8.0 doesn't recognize a list of media descriptors in XML stylesheet PI

Amaya 8.0 for Windows: table column layout

Amaya 8.0 is bad?

Amaya 8.0 pre-realease bugs

Amaya 8.0 Source still pre?

amaya and forms

Amaya and Gecko ??

amaya and help files

amaya crash

amaya Mac installation error

Amaya Won't start due to font problems

Announcement] Amaya 8.0

Announcement] Amaya 8.0-pre

another box dimensions example

another example of failed css styling for input controls

Anyone built amaya 8.0 for OSX

Ask for help!

Attn: Virus Alert [was Re: Your application]

Background-image CSS problem

box calculation problems

box rendering with text stuff too

Browser bug?

Buffer Overflow when 'Views/Show Parsing Errors' on a Validated HTML 4.01 Transitional page

Bug report

Bug report - centering tables

Bug report : system requires more virtual memory

Bug report: Remote displays.

Bug with <col> ?

Bug with style in <td> ?

Bugreport :RE: [Announcement] Amaya 8.0

Can't get 'create rule' sub window for CSS to open list

Cannot save from source view, mime type unknown

centering issues

Click to link bug not quite fixed:

Clipboard with X/GTK


Colours problems...


Couple of notes on Annotations


creating page with input controls

CSS error with Amaya

CSS2 positioning and visibility

dialog boxes / element insertion widgets

Digest Access Authentication probably broken

disable stylesheet in edit mode

document has changed dialog

Does it exist defects in the core parsing files of amaya 7.2 and before?

enhancement: copy whole SVG, copy group

Error mesage "Indent " when running Amaya

error messages under Suse 8.1

final message on index file

form layout and Amaya 8.0

forms and css in amaya

forms stuff not accepting css styling


help index

html forms recommendations and Amaya

Huh ?? : collaberation

images and tables not doing correct thing

index file unreadable problem

inline math and Amaya pretty printing

Installing Amaya for MacOSX

Is it possible to use one SVG to contain other SVGs, in a way that also enables the user to copy the contained SVGs and paste them into another document, for instance into ms Word?


learning curve -- amaya as editor

LnxSoc-> Re: Amaya and Gecko ??

making short test files

many blank buttons in (math) greek letters palette


Medusa was Re: Is it possible to use one SVG to contain other SVGs, in a way that also enables the user to copy the contained SVGs and paste them into another document, for instance into ms Word?

Mismatched Tag Error......

more quirks on new document

new document --- browse button in dialog

Non-Western keyboard bug on Windows XP

old bug -- still not repaired

OO Strategy for Amaya development

open-document browse problem

persistent amaya crash

Possible Bug: Whitespace Not Preserved in Textarea


Quick Bug report for Amaya 8.0

Re : Announcement] Amaya 8.0

rendering bug --- box positioning

rendering of monospace type

Scripting in Amaya

Scrolling bug

search feature

short file that exhibits legion site problem

shortcut -- configuration

Simple file that will not center

Still having prolems on Alpha OSF1...

Still Problem Centering Tables Part 2.......

Still Problem Centering Tables.......

table borders and table contents

table positioning

tables dimensions calculations

The Fileforum on Betanews.com

this page is extremely bad yet it is valid

trouble applying CSS classes with precision

Unable to build Amaya 8.0 on SuSE 8.1

using amaya as editor

using www.w3.org as test site....

Version 8.0-GTK table bug

vi key bindings

WebDAV: no cooperation menu?

Win2K/XP user profile bug... again


xpointer support

Your application


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