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> On Fri, 25 Apr 2003 14:56:54 -0400
> Joseph Reagle <> wrote:
> > Another bug, this one very annoying in a minor way:
> > 
> > 9. I encounter many instances that when 
> > (a) the cursor is before the first letter of a next word 
> and after a space 
> > and the preceding word 
> > (b) and I hit the delete key 
> > (c) not only does it delete the first letter of the next 
> word, but the 
> > preceding space.
> > 
> > For example, where the carrot "^" represents the cursor position:
> >   "foo ^bar" [hit delete]
> >   "foo^ar"
> I made that test with Windows and Linux versions and the 
> preceding space was not deleted.
> Could you send me the piece of HTML that shows this bug?

Reading this, I had a similar experience in an HTML document. I can
reproduce it with the default amaya startup page:

Put the cursor at the beginning of a word in the middle of a line,
space-character at the left side, word at the right side.
Press the delete key and keep watching what happens in screen.
As soon as there is also a space at the right side of the cursor and press
delete once, both spaces are removed.....

Amaya 8.0 for M$Windows 2000.
M$Windows 2000 US-English.
US-International keyboard settings.


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