box calculation problems

here is an example of preformatted text not respecting form element
seems that most box calculations allow overwrites of other text areas
which muddles text in many situations. i have seen  things where
textstring prompt: <input...........
has the prompt overlap the input control as well .... 
can this bleedthru of content into other elements be prevented. 

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<h2><a name="ex1"></a>Working Example #1 - Saving a User Preference</h2>
<p>One of the most common uses of cookies is saving user preferences
for reuse. Our example will reuse a background color selector from
<a href="jstutor6.htm#radio">tutorial 5</a> and save its setting.
Returning to the page will reset the color to the last setting selected.</p>
<table summary="radio sidebar">
<p><strong>STEP 0: </strong>Copy the BakeCookie and EatCookie functions
into your project.</p>

<p><strong>STEP 1: </strong>Set up a global value for expiry date.</p>
var expdate = new Date();
expdate.setTime(expdate.getTime()+(5*24*60*60*1000)); // 5 days
<p><strong>STEP 3: </strong>Add a call from the color setting function
to bake a new cookie with any updates.</p>
</td><td width="180">
<form name="radio_form" action="" method="get">
&nbsp;Aquamarine: <input name="radio_color" class="radio" type="radio"
&nbsp;Burlywood: <input name="radio_color" class="radio" type="radio"
&nbsp;Floralwhite:&nbsp; <input name="radio_color" class="radio"
type="radio" onClick="newColor('Floralwhite')"><br>
&nbsp;Goldenrod:&nbsp;&nbsp; <input name="radio_color" class="radio"
type="radio" onClick="newColor('Goldenrod')"><br>
&nbsp;Peachpuff:&nbsp;&nbsp; <input name="radio_color" class="radio"
type="radio" onClick="newColor('Peachpuff')"><br>
&nbsp;White:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <input name="radio_color" class="radio"
type="radio" onClick="newColor('White')" checked="checked">

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