html forms recommendations and Amaya

There seems to be still quite a few outstanding divergences from the 
recommendations in Amaya 8.0

1] Rec 17.4 states that the attribute maxlength determines the MAXIMUM
 number of characters a text input area will accept.  Amaya accepts more!

2] Rec 17.4 states that the attribute size determines the width of a text
input area. If maxlength is greater and the user exceeds size, the text 
should SCROLL,  the textbox should not change size.

3] Rec 17.7 states that the attribute rows determines the maximum
 number of rows in a textbox.  User entry exceeding this should be scrolled
[[ not  size increased as amaya does it ]]

4] Rec 17.11 defines the action of the tab-index attribute.  Amaya disregards
 the settings for tab index.

5] Rec 17.12 defines the action of the disabled attribute. Amaya disregards
the setting. 

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Received on Thursday, 1 May 2003 17:44:20 UTC