Re: trouble applying CSS classes with precision

On Sat, 21 Jun 2003 14:26:22 +0000
Stan Harrison <> wrote:

> I'm having trouble applying classes defined in my external CSS to my
> xhtml document.
> When attempting to apply a class specified in my external CSS (in
> this case, p.hanging-indent), Amaya applies the wanted style attribute
> to my paragraph (p) but also creates an unwanted span tag (span
> class="hanging-indent").

I did that because the whole text of the paragraph was selected and not
the paragraph itself. A simple F2 (or Esc on Unix) changed the selection
to the paragraph. The bottom line of the window informs you about the
current selection.
It makes sense to apply a style to whole current text and not the paragraph
itself. This style won't apply to new created text after the span.

> Does anyone know how to apply a defined class to a specific tag
> without also creating a generic span tag?

I suggest you select within the span, hit F2 (or Esc on Unix) to select the
span and remove the class attribute (with the Attributes menu), then you
hit F2 (or Esc) to select the paragraph and re-apply the class.

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