Re: Bug report: Remote displays.

> It does not function on remote displays, which also prevents it's use
> with ltsp systems.

It works here Amaya 8.0 using X11 forwarding and ssh
(on a Xfree 4.3 from a Xfree 4.1, both using gtk 1.2.10)
Perhaps it's a special homepage page with some special fonts ?

Does other gtk apps works fine with remote display ?

> The problem lies with Amaya's usage of GDK, which on any remote display
> throws an error:
> integer out of range

We need more information...
> I have confirmed that this affects both the source and binary
> distributions of Amaya.

which version ? 

> The OpenGL version is not really an option. I am only now working on
> trying to get software glx support on the clients (it is very difficult)

Using Mesa ? 
Just download it from I just do a 
./configure && make install
If it's too slow, you could try

> and I have no guarantee it would work. Even if it did, it will be
> painfully slow, most of these thin-client machines are 100mhz CPU's with
> 24mb's of ram, I am only interested in it as an interim compatibility
> measure for educational software that requires it, e.g. modeling
> programs.

But did the GL version worked ?


Received on Monday, 19 May 2003 07:13:22 UTC