One of the most popular ways for people to communicate 
and assist in mutual development of projects is EMAIL...
Even though more sophisticated techniques are available
and used in some corportate projects, at the grunt level it
is email that carries the load... 
Would it not be possible for Amaya to add enough hooks
so that external mailer packages could be used. There is no
need to develop one , just let Amaya hook into Pegasus, Outlook
  or any of the users choice. Microsoft and other packages allow
 external programs to be hooked in easily so it must be possible
 technically if will was there.   i think this would enhance the boast
  of collaberative capabilities of Amaya.

oh yes -- this may bring up the issue of plugins too .... always hoping ;-] --

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Received on Saturday, 28 June 2003 07:35:30 UTC