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> When you select the textarea the attribute menu displays
> all attributes applicable to it.
> It's what I tried to explain in my previous answer.

> nope IT DOES NOT
> a fresh textarea has rows and cols attributes set to 
> someone elses preferences ... the attribute menu does
> not display rows OR cols for access
> (workarround is structure or source views i know) 
> and once again this is awkward to select one at a time
> rather than a single dialog with all attributes sitting there
> i also suggested as a right click from mouse so one 
> just needs to set focus on item and right click rather than
> looking for menus ((attribute menu could be left as a redundant method))

I guess I should explain how a structured editor like Amaya works.
It handles a document tree instead of a single list of characters.
By default the selection is set to a leaf element (a character or an image)
and you have to go up in the tree structure to select enclosing elements
with the F2 (or Esc on Unix platforms).
If you're not sure what element is currently selected, the bottom line of the 
window displays the current selected element and its parents.

In your case, when you select within the textarea, the included text is selected 
but a single F2 let you select the textarea, then you can change its cols 
and rows attributes.

If the textarea is included within a list item, a new F2 let you select the list item
and a new one selects the whole list.
You can copy and paste this complete list into a new document or a new position
within the same document. If this list included links, they are automatically rechecked
and updated if necessary.
The structure approach allows powerfull edits provided the user accepts to work 
on the structure level and not only on the characters level.
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