OO Strategy for Amaya development

I know that a similar issue has been raised before, but I would be interested to know
what the Amaya developers and other W3C folks think about migrating the development
 of W3C's showcase of Web technologies (Amaya) to C++ (probably reusing a
lot of the existing C code at first) versus the status quo. Doing this would allow the possibility
of using object-oriented design principles usually recommended in the design of
large complex projects, especially since the Document Object Model (DOM) has been defined by the W3C as a platform- and language-neutral interface for the manipulation of XML documents.

Do you think that this would speed up the development of Amaya in the long run and reduce 
the number of bugs in the released versions?

John Nixon

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Received on Tuesday, 17 June 2003 03:08:23 UTC