Scripting in Amaya

Ah, I didn't realise.  I thought onClick was perfectly OK in XHTML.  I
didn't know I was breaking standards!  I'm just someone who's learning about
web design by making a personal website.  I found some sloppy but cool HTML
for making a side navigation menu and tidied it up to make it comply to
XHTML 1.0 Transitional, but it seems it's still not good enough if it won't
work in Amaya, or even in Netscape (as I've just realised).

I'm running the latest versions of Amaya, IE and Netscape on the worst
operating system in the world: ME.

Thanks again

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> Amaya does not support any scripting language, which makes
> it one of the safest browsers.  It's an HTML, XML, SVG and
> CSS editor testbed, not a DOM one.
> Note that it is bad page design practice to do anything
> important using onclick.  At best, you should normally
> confine it to A elements where the href provides an equivalent,
> non-script, implementation of the same function.
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