About junk in Amaya 8.0(7.0 and other)


Under the truth I hoped to see in Amaya 8.0 something considerably new.
But it did not happen :-(
Amaya still at a stage any v0.8a more mature products (Mozilla, Opera).
And nevertheless I have decided to specify to you the mistakes met by
me. I hope you of them will correct.

1) See [1.gif]. All modern browsers and editors mean by default coding

2) See [2.gif]. Find 6 differences. A code of a page on

3) Why in Amaya one button of the mouse is used only? In my manipulator
a wheel and three buttons. It is so rare case?

PS: I from Russia so you can not understand some my statements.
Beforehand excuse.

Best regards, Igor Didkovsky.
WWW: http://langos.lrn.ru/ || Jabber ID: nagan@jabber.ru

Received on Monday, 28 April 2003 06:53:16 UTC