Re: vi key bindings

here are some thoughts  which I have been pondering a few years too long:

The browse and edit modes of Amaya suggest that you could replicate a lot of
the vi behaviour. Essentially you would need to apply one set of keyboard
shortcut modes in browse mode, and a different set in edit mode.

There are also some things that would take a bit of real coding I suspect -
the power of vi is in the things that keystrokes can do, and Amaya doesn't
have all those functions as I understand it.

There was a discussion on this list a while ago (I will look for a reference,
but I think it was around the tme of release 7) about having a different set
of shortcuts for different languages, when Irčne kindly gave some pointers
for where to make changes in the code to support this.



On Wed, 23 Apr 2003, Andrew wrote:

>Is there a way to use the vi text editor key bindings in Amaya?
>If not, might this be added?  There would probably be a lot of interest
>in this.  For example comp.editors has lots of posts like, "Does anyone
>know of editors that let me edit XML using vi key bindings?"  Also, elvis,
>a vi clone, can display html side by side with the html source that's
>being edited, and this seems to be quite a popular feature of elvis,
>suggesting that there's a lot of interest in simultaneously editing and
>browsing editing html / xml / css - like stuff using vi key bindings.

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