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> Hi
> At our site, we have to use a style sheet that is somehow not accessible by
> Amaya (it is only accessible by M$ software :-(() If I load a file that uses
> the stylesheet, it just waits forever and only after I stop the transfer, I
> can edit the file.
> Currently, I just start on my document and once finished, I hack the
> stylesheet into the html code using an ascii editor. However, I would like
> to use a default page that already includes the link to the stylesheet but
> have Amaya ignore the stylesheet in the edit mode.
> In the print mode, there is an option to enable or disable the stylesheet
> for printing. There it works. Can such a preference be made for the edit
> mode? Or have I skipped an option and is it already available?

There is an option to temporarily disable a stylesheet, but no option to
load a document without stylesheet.
I added that item in our whish list, and I hope we will find time to add that
option in the next Amaya release.

> Thanks for Amaya (and the style view, superb)
> CBee
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