RE: [BUG] Amaya 8.0 Windows lock-up

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Outlook generates.
I can't see this one on the open bugs list, so here goes.
Platform WinXP Pro, Amaya 8.0
Load an XHTML file that generates sytax errors or warnings (in my case, one
a section <em xml:lang="x-ceqli">pamxi, pamzo</em> which generates an
unsupported language warning), and confirm, so as to have the WYSIWYG,
source view and warnings windows all visible.  
It is now possible to get Amaya locked if one dismisses the non-WYSIWYG
It seems to be an ordering problem, if the source window is dismissed before
the warnings window (which will be behind it in z-order by default, so it is
natural to dismiss the source window first), then the main window locks up.
It behaves as if it still has some modal window blocking its input, and can
only be interacted with by killing it via Task Manager. 
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Received on Tuesday, 24 June 2003 05:24:55 UTC