Re: Is it possible to use one SVG to contain other SVGs, in a way that also enables the user to copy the contained SVGs and paste them into another document, for instance into ms Word?

> So far I can cut (CTRL-C) a colorbox out from New.svg, but not move it 
> or paste it into the same, or another document.
> Am I being dim? how does on paste it, or move it?

In order to make sure pasting is possible, 
select something in the view you're pasting it.

it should work.

The group/use "move" isn't implement yet but is on the way...
For now you have to select the graphic, use the menu "Attributes->x ", enter a value, Click "APPLY"
(same for y)

> This only works on the PC not mac.
> and like you when uploaded to 
> it fails to work :-(

Could you make your server sending the right mime-type  image/svg+xml  
And tell me if it corrects the bug ?


Received on Thursday, 15 May 2003 04:39:47 UTC