Bug report


A. CVS files
I have downloaded the whole CVS from scratch and some empty directories appear:
- doc/html/viewing/09_working_with_document_views_files
- doc/html/attaching_annotations/108_about_reading_annotations_files
- doc/html/elements/26_buttons_and_types_menu
- doc/html/elements/27_the_structure_menu_files
- doc/html/editing_mathematics/60_the_math_palette_and_the_types_files
- doc/html/using_image_maps/77_creating_clientside_image_maps_files
- doc/html/style_sheets/94_removing_style_files
- doc/html/accessibility_in _amaya (with a space in between)
- doc/Icons
and a useless Spanish file:
 - doc/Keyboard.html.es

B. Amaya Windows 98 uninstaller bugs
B.1. After installing Amaya and Amayadocs, in the Windows Control Panel, "Installing and uninstalling applications" shows two items ("Amaya" and "Amaya-dialogues"). If I want to uninstall Amaya, it seems that I have to run both uninstallers. But after running one of the uninstallaters, the other does not work. The shown message is "Internal error, unable to load or call external DLL".

B.2. I can install several Amaya versions (7.2 and 8.0-pre, for instance) in the same Windows 98 computer, but in the Windows Control Panel, "Installing and uninstalling applications" there is only one uninstaller item (Amaya, "tout court"). There should be different items for each one, shouldn't there?

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Received on Thursday, 17 April 2003 02:13:25 UTC