Couple of notes on Annotations


I would like to use Amaya (and especially annotations) as
a ``poor man's NUD*IST'' (tool for qualitative analysis). What
I mean is that I have dreamed about something like this:

* I will have plenty of HTML pages with field notes,
* While browsing them, I could add annotations marking important
  themes (e.g., couple of people seems to indicate, that
  relevance of The Ten Point Coalition on the black youth in
  Boston likes in the unified message, so that a kid hears the
  same message -- ``There is an option to the gang-driven life
  and we offer you help out there, but if you won't choose it, we
  will go after you and put you in jail.'' -- from everybody;
  I would like to mark these instances as ``Unified message''),
* Then somehow (I am willing to create some simple Python/Perl
  scripts for that but of course a CSS2 way would be preferable)
  I would like to create report summarizing all places, where
  individual themes (aka Annotations) points to with some context
* Then (hopefully :-) I would like to make some conclusions
  / theories from these reports.

What I would really need from Amaya are these two things:

1) Annotation which can lead to more than one location (actually,
   sometimes plenty of them); if I understand well, Annotations
   are based on XPointers, which can lead to more than one URI,
   aren't they?
2) Print document together with its annotations.

How could I accomplish this with Amaya?

   Thanks in advance for your response,


Matej Cepl,
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