Re: Amaya and Gecko ??

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"John van V." <> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have been using amaya like a word processor and I have been impressed
> advanced Web spec and language support.
> But, I am wondering out loud why you have not considered porting to Gecko. 
> Personally, I dont know anybody that likes Mozilla's commercial side and it
> feels like Gecko needs to be rescued from [ big conglomerate deleted ].

This would be another project. When you change basic concepts, you're 
not doing a porting but you're developing a new project.
I guess Netscape guys already develop a HTML editor based on Gecko.

> Also, it seems that everything you write for amaya will have to be rewritten
> for Gecko.. and.. lots of folks speak highly of XUL.

I guess it's important to adopt standards for formats and data but that should 
not imply to have a unique tool.
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