Re: persistent amaya crash

Hi Laurent,

Thanks for your reply. Perhaps some of the other Mac folks have some 
experience here?

As an aside: If we could get Apple to donate a Mac to you, would that 
help? Might you even consider doing a native OSX build?

Thanks again,


On Wednesday, April 9, 2003, at 08:30  AM, Laurent Carcone wrote:

> Hello Danny,
> We don't have a Mac version of Amaya and the Linux and Windows 
> versions don't
> crash with those documents.
> Do other Mas users (Charles, Carine,... ?) can test the same scenario 
> with
> Amaya 7.2 or later and give us more info about this bug (that occurs 
> when
> Amaya loads a style sheet, as mentionned in the crash log).
> Thanks in advance
> Laurent
> -------
>> Hi,
>> I've had a repeating crash with Amaya 7.2 running under X windows/Mac
>> OSX. The following sequence of events regularly produces a crash:
>> Open:
>> Open in new window:
>> crash
>> Most of the time when I re-start amaya I do not even get the option to
>> recover. The crash log is attached.
>> Thanks,
>> Danny

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