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On Tue, 22 Apr 2003 00:12:05 -0300
Juan Lanus <> wrote:

> Hi
> 1- The keyboard access to views has changed: now source is not any more 
> atl-v alt-h in my Win2K pc but ctrol-u ctrol-h.
> Using the menu it could still be alt-v alt-h but it's alt-v alt-u.
> It would be fine to have the same keys for both menu accelerator and 
> access keys ... Whay did you change the former bindings?

We added the first level of WAI support in Windows versions and we
need to change menu accelerators.
I agree, it's not a good idea to use a differentletter.
You can easely change menu accelerators by editing the file 
Amaya\config\amaya.kb. I changed the entries of the view menu, but I don't
have time to check all entries.
If you have a better file to submit please send to us.

> 2- Bartolomé says alt+space crashes his Amaya. It doesn't happen here in 
> Win2K. But, BTW, it doen't open the "control menu" as it should under 
> Windows. Alt+tab should be like clicking the small icon in the upper 
> left corner of almost all windows.

Thanks for the information.

> 3- There is a small inconsistency. In the main window, as in the 
> structure view, I can set attributes for the selected item. But the 
> structure view window lacks the colors dialog. Try seting a table's cell 
> background color and you'll notice how you miss a colors dialog in the 
> structure window. It reduces it's "usefulness".

I don't think we'll fix it for the release, but I note your request.

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