Re: Amaya 8.0 is bad?

Hallo John

Thanks for your mail with attachment.

Your are right, in previous releases the images did not float left and
But the site was shown nice with text below the not floated images.

I thought that you know that msie 6.0 also can not show sites served as
application/xhtml+xml. Therefore you can see the same site served as
text/html. Look  Even this is a mess in
Amaya 8.0. with the floating images.

But also previous Amaya versions showed the real html-version as a mix
between the stylesheet for Netscape 4.7/WebtV and other browsers, due
probably to the javascript in the html-version that sends the stylesheet
to browsers. Amaya is the only browser I know that shows this fansite
differently when it is served as text/html or as application/xhtml+xml.

Besites line 85 is empty in the  xhtml version, in  one of the 2
css-files for the homepage I can find: .HeadNavbar {  and in the other
CSS-file on that line 85 : color: #c00;.
I don't see any error.You perhaps?


Received on Thursday, 1 May 2003 07:19:46 UTC