Non-Western keyboard bug on Windows XP

Dear Amaya W3C member,

We are a language technology institute interested in XML usage
for mixed usage of European Scripts. As you know within the European Union
about 30 languages will be used and Unicode XML might contribute in
interchange of documents.

I did successfully compiled your Windows NT/XP source version 8.0 using 
Amaya behaves largely multilingual as long as the text is pasted or normally
I did not succeed in typing Greek, Czech, Russian or any non Western 
If I switch the default input language (from Text Services and Input 
a wrong code is inputted. Amaya's Edit Window is Unicode, but the 
program types
characters as it was a 8 bit CodePage. When I select the Input Language 
en type an alpha a-acute is displayed which is correct for BYTE-wise 
but not for Windows NT,2000, and XP.

Upto now I could not find the location of the problem. It might be that one
of the keyboard functions need to be extended with a W such as 
instead of native CreateWindowsA() alikes.

If Amaya would have these capabilities it would be a great tool to 
the European Union.

Please do not hesitate to call me language issues.

Best regards,

Dr. Jaap Woestenburg

*TALO bv,
Lijsterlaan 379,
1403 AZ Bussum,The Netherlands

tel +31-35-69 32 801, gsm  +31-65 46 83 544
fax +31-35-697 59 93, e-mail

Received on Wednesday, 30 April 2003 14:32:12 UTC