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Subject: RE: Scripting in Amaya

> > web design by making a personal website.  I found some sloppy but cool
> > HTML
> > for making a side navigation menu and tidied it up to make it comply to
> > XHTML 1.0 Transitional, but it seems it's still not good enough if it
> > won't
> > work in Amaya, or even in Netscape (as I've just realised).
> [DJW:]
> If it doesn't work in Netscape 7, that's probably because you
> are using a proprietory document object model, and not that
> part of legacy proprietory models that Gecko supports.  If
> it doesn't work in NS4, that's because NS4 doesn't support
> five year old standards well.  (NS4 is rather limited in the
> objects that support scripting, as well as having broken
> CSS.)
  Oh, I don't know anything about Netscape 4.  My memory doesn't go back
that far.  Is that something that ran on the Commodore 64? (lol)

> Note that IE does not support XHTML except in as much as
> its HTML error recovery will tolerate XHTML 1.0.  If you
> provide it with proper XHTML (Content-Type: application/xml+xhtml),
> it will just show you a syntax highlighted version of
> the raw document.
  Ah right, I was wondering about that.  So, all the so-called XHTML pages
on the net are just hacks, really... HTML pages dressed up a bit to look a
bit like XML.  I'm living a lie! Maybe I should go back to HTML 4.   :-(

> I suspect that you don't fully understand the design philosophy
> of XHTML as a structural markup language rather than a page
> description language. That's not uncommon.
  Nah, I reckon I pretty much get it.  I've been reading a lot on
and recently.  I was just hoping it was possible to get
my nice dynamic menus to work without breaking the rules.  My site does have
an alternative navigation thing as well: drop-down menus with the following

<form name='jump1' lang=fr-fr>
<select name='menu1'
dIndex].value;' value='GO'>
<option class="item" value="Item2.x.html">Item 1</option>
<option class="item" value="Item2.x.html">Item 2</option>

I hope that's okay.

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